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Five Foods

I have been officially tagged by Katy to create a list of five things people should eat before they die.

  • My last dinner in Buenos Aires earlier this year was at a chop house in Puerto Madero. I can't remember its name, and nothing jumps out at me on the list of gastronomía at that web site. Walking to the table, there were floor-to-ceiling glass windows separating us from the raw meat and the kitchen, and it all looked wonderful. Because the cattle in Argentina are raised without hormones or anything too unnatural and also because the beef is not aged, Argentine beef has a very different taste from American beef. The flavor is so natural that one might think the cow actually grew out of the ground. I highly recommend Argentine beef, especially eaten in Argentina, to the foodies.
  • Since I was very young, one of my favorite foods has been Maine lobster. There's little more enjoyable than sitting in a fireplace-warmed room and gazing out over the Atlantic Ocean while trying to dismember, clean, butter, and consume a boiled lobster that was caught in a trap not far off the frigid coast just hours beforehand.
  • A wonderful thing about enjoying food is the keen ability to go overboard when purchasing it. When this happens, it can often be brushed off, and the purchaser may even swear to never do it again. However, when the groceries are finally put into the cupboards and the refrigerator, the foodie can start thinking of ways to use the new, wonderful items. This is how, one day, I ended up with 250 grams of very nice Russian sturgeon caviar. It was an impulse purchase at a fine grocer in Dallas, Texas, and it felt like velvet on my tongue, with the slightest hint of salty fish.
  • This item in the list is something I actually have not tried, but I understand its consumption is beautiful, and some day soon, I hope to form my own opinions on the matter. The reason I do not have personal experience with this is that it's illegal to import unpasteurized dairy products into the United States. Because of this, the risk of eating real Brie de Meaux here is high, and for a not-very-outgoing person like me, the better option is to simply take a long weekend on the Continent.
  • And, last, but not least, I would like to include a set of foods that has been dear to me all my life. I never miss an opportunity to use them, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. My last recommendation for something a foodie should eat before death is ridiculously hot peppers.

Since this meme is out of foodie-land now, it's difficult to select another five people to tag for it. In the interest of keeping things going, however, I hereby select the following people to compile and publish their own lists of five foods to try before you die.

  • Kari, alongside whom, a long time ago now, my interests in cooking began to flourish
  • Tamara, who enjoys good southern cooking with good southern beer
  • Andrew, whose travels impart upon him knowledge of food all around the country
  • Helen, whom I introduced to sushi just last summer

Regrettably, Tamara and Andrew may not be joining us in this meme for a while, as their blogs are on a web server that is in transit, somewhere between Los Angeles and here.

And, now... I'm hungry.


Wow. List of five foods to try before you die? I don't know if I can narrow it down to five. Just a quick list off the top of my head:
1. Foie Gras....either seared on in some sort of pate. Absolutely to die for.
2. Fondue. Everyone needs to do the fondue...communal eating at its best. And the taste is incredible.
3. New Orleans seafood....an exciting blend of French and cajun tastes makes their seafood dishes unlike any other. I can recommend several restaurants in the French quarter.
4. Any five-star restaurant in Las Vegas. I recommend Le Cirque for its playful twist on French delicacies. The food is served so beautifully that you don't want to eat it, but of course you do.
5. The last one that I recommend isn't so much a meal as it is a dessert. Fine Swiss chocolate is some of the best in the world. Hershey's can't hold a candle to some of the better chocolatiers in Geneva and Lucerne. Once you taste great Swiss chocolate, your palate will never be the same.

Pity you're allergic to lobster!!!

I'm definitely with you on the lobster and the unpasteurized cheese, and the beef probably tastes so good because it's grass-fed, not grain-fed.

Really interesting list!

Great list!

I've always wanted to visit Argentina and when and if I ever go, I will be sure to have beef.

Lobsters, although I don't find their meat as sweet or as rich as crabmeat, are definitely something one should eat OFTEN before they die.

I don't know about the ridiculously hot peppers though. Even just very hot peppers cause me pain and suffering.

I agree in many items with you .Maybe the restaurant in Buenos Aires was Cabaña Las Lilas,who knows.

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