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January 04, 2008

It's 2008 Already?

Well, it's 2008, and I haven't updated my blog since December 16, 2007. I really haven't been doing much that's noteworthy lately, but for your reading enjoyment, I'll post a brief summary of it here.

I was in Houston for Christmas and then snagged Helen and drove a calm and uneventful but exhausting 24 hours with her up to New York City. She was here for a whopping 36 hours before flying back to Texas to attend to a family emergency. She returns tomorrow, and hopefully, we can peel her car out of my neighbor's extra parking space, which he very generously lent us.

I traded (some of) the past three days, and I had my most successful week so far. It's encouraging, but there's still tons of learning and trial-and-error to go.

Meanwhile, there's this addictive Nintendo Wii destroying the last of my will to be productive. On that note...