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Under the Weather

According to WebMD's cold and flu symptoms comparison chart, which I have bookmarked, I have a bit of a cold. It started Sunday night with a sore throat, and it's blossomed into wondrous aching and general grossness since then. I'm also blaming it for a wild dream I had last night, in which Arin was a tabby cat (think a gray Puss in Boots from Shrek the Third, complete with huge eyes but without Antonio Banderas), and he and I were having coffee outside a café before heading off to catch a flight.

In other news, I would like to thank everyone for their enjoyable comments on my video with Dorian from the weekend, both on this blog and on YouTube. I showed the video and comments to Dorian, and, based on his new critical acclaim, he now thinks he will be the next Puss in Boots. He doesn't seem to understand he needs to work on that sexy Antonio Banderas voice first!


So Dorian will be the next youtube sensation. Just have Dorian do a crazy, semi-demonic rant about Brittany Spears and her performance at the VMA's. Then Dorian will be in the next Hollywood blockbuster, for sure.

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