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Orange juice

Jugo de naranja
I love orange juice. And, what red-blooded, healthy American doesn't?

There's a problem with loving orange juice in America, though: we have awful oranges!

I just came across a BBC article (warning: it's from 2006) about Brazil's orange trade, and it rekindled my desire for really good orange juice. The people in Florida and other southern states may think they know how to grow oranges and make amazing juice, but when compared with Brazilian orange growers, those southerners certainly have a lot to learn.

About this time last year, I spent two weeks in Buenos Aires and drank, quite literally, gallons of orange juice and grapefruit juice that had been produced in Brazil and other places in South America. Normally, I wouldn't quite drink gallons of the stuff in two weeks, but it was just incredible! The flavors were so strong and sweet that, when I returned to Pittsburgh, fruit juice tasted like little more than water.

The difference wasn't just in the strength of the juice. It was an all-around different taste, and if the boxes of orange juice hadn't been labeled jugo de naranja and stamped with pictures of oranges, I may have never realized I was drinking something that came from what we Americans naively call an orange.

I have searched for juice from Brazilian fruits in grocery stores across the northeastern United States since my orange juice revelation, but I have come up dry, empty-handed, and decidedly unjuiced. Where do I find this life-giving nectar?


if the largest exporter of orange juice in the world is Brazil, I should think you'll be able to find some here!


And here I thought that the "aqua vitae" was, instead of orange juice, something with a little more kick. I'm not a big fan of orange juice myself. I'll drink it, but I don't love it. Perhaps, I've been missing out on what true orange juice really is. Continental Airlines tells me that round trip from Houston to Buenos Aires is $1400, so the next time I can afford to spend that much on a glass of orange juice, I'll certainly give it a try.

I always kind of thought that juice in Argentina was significantly better than juice here simply because it was almost always freshly squeezed and had no other additives. Or maybe that was just the juice I got used to drinking there. I was a a big fan of orange juice with ginger and kiwi. Speaking of, if you're into juice (and ginger, I guess) you should try that one out. You obviously just squeeze some orange juice and then throw the other two in a blender with some ice. Mmmm. So delicious.

Also, I think the way I found your blog was kind of funny. I was searching for a picture of an outline of Pittsburgh's skyline, and thought it was interesting that a photo of Buenos Aires popped up because I spent 6 months living there in 2007. And, well, I think I just get excited when I meet other people who have been there and loved it (or at least loved something about it). And it's even better because you're also from Pittsburgh, right?

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