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Road Safety Checkpoint

Today, Newark's finest have implemented a road safety checkpoint on the street below my apartment. Ostensibly, it's there to check for seat-belts and inspection stickers, but I wonder what else they do?

The officer apparently asks some percentage of drivers to pull over to the side of the road and submit to a quick "safety" inspection of their vehicle. However, I've seen a few cars and a utility van towed already.

I found a Road Block Registry for New Jersey on the web, but it mainly seems like a bunch of complainers. I'd probably complain, too, if I were delayed by a checkpoint on my way to work or I thought I were being racially profiled by the police. Unfortunately, I was unable to briefly locate any other substantial web-based documentation of these checkpoints.

At any rate, I took some pictures. Enjoy.

Road Safety Checkpoint, Newark, NJ. Click to enlarge


Hmmm...this seems like just another tactic for illegal search and seizure, just like at the airport. Did you see any dogs around when they were doing their "safety check"? It bothers me no end when police illegally search my luggage via dog's nose. Should I have the expectation, just because I am in a public place, that I should be subject to random search for contraband at any given time? I don't believe so.

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